This is a simple website, for those that like to have fun on systems that utilize VOIP.   A few thought it would be good to pool resources and have some fun, yet have a place where learning and knowledge can increase.    Many migrated over to Mark's Nano Node reflector.   9667    Not sure where all of this will go, but for those that want to participate, it  should be a good journey.


There is a lot of knowledge out there, and we hope others bring their past work experiences, talents and knowledge to Channel 7 to share with us.


  Enjoy!    Hope to hear you soon on Reflector 9660, Channel 7


9 6 6 7

This is a quick place to see our fellow amateur radio operators.  If interested, send a picture to kl4an, and we will update it here.


About channel 7


Channel 7 has gained in popularity quickly.  It is a good mix of people from all around the United States, so far.  A very easy going group of amateur radio operators.


Currently the group resides on Reflector 9660, channel 7.  (The Micro-Node Reflector).  Mark Guibord - K7IZA  offered a channel to a bunch of Alaska and California nodes.  Quite a few nodes jumped at the chance to hang out on a reflector that welcomed conversation of any type in regards to voice over IP, and in fact encouraged it.  Not only encouraged the conversation, but also encouraged the building , scripting, and learning that comes with building your own node.


Channel 7 is a very laid back and an enjoyable channel.  Most of us have made many a new QSO.   Visitors tend to come back and stay.


Channel 7 has Allstar Link, Echolink, and IRLP bridged also.  This makes it very versatile and easily accessible. (see the VOIP menu for details)



Silent Key


  KC6GJI - Yucca Bob   (Robert Schorer) - Oct. 19, 2015   ( approx @ 13:00 )     Yucca Valley, CA.


          He will be remembered, as a man with a great sense of humor who seemed to enjoy the sarcasm and off the wall jokes which were thrown back and forth on Channel 7.    Hopefully he had as much fun with us, as we did with him.   Guaranteed many a net will miss him.   Definitely one of the "cool kids".







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