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Pictures from fellow amateur radio operators. If you would like an account, send an email to with your call sign.

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Trespasser putting boxes on my land21 viewsNot sure who would put valuable boxes on my land with out my permission? Anybody know of a State of Alaska special project going on that would put supplies out in the middle of nowhere in Alaska?Dec 16, 2018
bigfish. NL7EZ43 views38lb. King Salmon caught on fly rod withe 6lb. leaderOct 21, 2018
80 viewsMake'n a run at the Arctic circle. Run out of time. NL7EZAug 25, 2017
282 viewsFireworks Anchorage Ak. NL7EZMar 01, 2017
Upgraded 45-70 Govt469 viewsAdded big loop lever (for gloves in fall) and the cuff for holding bullets. Need to add a pikattini rail...and then....Feb 13, 2017
Close to high noon on Jan. 2nd328 viewsA picture showing the angle of the sun at 11:30 a.m. Sun kind of shoots across and above the low lands, hitting the mountains.Jan 18, 2017
873 viewsSunrise Anchorage 10a.m. NL7EZDec 11, 2016
398 viewsSupermoon 3.0 Merril field. Ak. The moon has not been this close to earth since 1946?'ish

Nov 19, 2016
395 viewsSuper moon in Ca. Moon did not turn out so well, but the house is awesome, Picture taken by KI6DXN

posted NL7EZ
Nov 19, 2016
KL3TQs drone maken waves. NL7EZ2329 viewsOct 04, 2016
More reflections,Knick river with the group. NL7EZ465 viewsOct 03, 2016
Sun set with the group at Knick River337 viewsOct 03, 2016
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