Author Topic: IRLP - Wireless Node Problem  (Read 485 times)

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IRLP - Wireless Node Problem
« on: November 03, 2015, 05:54:46 pm »
(Raspberry Pi on Debian 7)
So the Node gets an IP, and it can authenticate with the router.  On boot up I see the following:  Configuring network interfaces...ioctl[SIOCSWAP]: operation not allowed.
After boot up, I see the IP (DHCP), however, if you try to ping it can't.   We then restart network services via "sudo services network restart"  and then it can ping and communicate.  It's almost like the network services are starting to soon, or drivers aren't initialized yet.

After a lot of research on how to configure network interfaces, suggestions to rip out ifplugd, and suggestions to run scripts to restart services after reboots (all good fixes, tries,etc.)  We found that simply replacing the USB wifi dongle with a different model / manufacturer was the solution.  What i think was happening was the drivers for the usb dongle were not initializing or incompatible.  We started to work on drivers, when it dawned on me that it may already have the drivers, lets put in a different usb wireless dongle......and BOOM, it worked.  No errors, reboot, still happy.    So watch out for that   ioctl[SIOCSWAP]   error.